About Us

iRates Finance is a market leader in providing outstanding advice that doesn’t just take into account the immediate but your long term goals as well.
Yes we can find you some of the best interest rates on the market.. But that’s not what makes us tick!

Setting plans around paying debt off faster is going to be your biggest interest saving in the years to come..

For too long banks have told you the cheapest rate is the one you should be looking for.. Really!

Why are they making $billions in profit per year whilst most ordinary Australians struggle week to week with debt..

Let’s change that trend!

Director Profile

The compAndrew Morelany was setup by Andrew Morel who has been dealing with everyday Australian’s and there mortgages for 10 years now..

In 2009 Andrew went into practise for himself under a franchise called Club Financial Services..

In 2011 Andrew ‘won’ the ‘Australian Mortgage Awards’ Young Gun of the Year & his practise was a ‘Finalist’ in the category of ‘Best New Practise’.

In late 2011 Andrew was elected onto the MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association Australia) Victorian State Council and served a full 3 year term.

Andrew has an excellent understanding of not just mortgages but the property market in general and prides himself on providing honest assessments on purchasing as well.

‘It’s a passion of mine seeing clients buying properties at the right price, it’s most people’s biggest investment and I don’t want to see poor decisions made’.